Written and Illustrated By Wendy James

Interactive Story, High-Quality Images, Maps & Glossary, Funny Characters

Welcome to the Planet Esse

Flying-monkey-cats, spaceships, ice cream, mutant snails, a futuristic school and much more! Join Immi in her adventure to find courage and friendship, with her imagination leading the way.

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A journey through Esse's galaxy

Immi the Alien

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Join Immi on her journey to find courage and friendship with her imagination leading the way. Watch her daydreams unfold into an amazing world of great adventure!

Noxon's Nebula

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Noxon gets a new style! In this prequel to Immi the Alien, Noxon Neven live streams her visit to one of Kivik’s well known beauty salons. Will she choose an Afro, a Mohawk, a Mullet, a Bowl-cut or something else?

Activity Book

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Based on the popularized Immi the Alien books this activity book features a wide range of activities for children. Decode a hidden message using Morse code or help Immi navigate through a maze to escape the mutant snails.

Sketch Book

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Let your imagination lead the way in this sketchbook like Immi did in Immi’s Daring Daydream and Immi the Alien. It has 100 blank pages for kids or adults to doodle and draw.

Daring Daydream

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While she is daydreaming, she snaps out of it to discover she must give a presentation in front of her class the next day. Will she break under the pressure or will she soar like her piloting daydreams?

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Immi and her friends aren't done yet! They are scheduled for a new adventure on the planet Ouiio. Keep a look out for this book coming soon on amazon.

Have You Fallen In Love With Immi Laval's Universe?

Central City Bakery

The Sweet Facts: Items Sold

400 Cantaloupe Slices

531 Dozen Cookies

621 Cupcakes

312 Lollipops

245 Ice Cream Cones

Meet Some of the Characters

Futura Academy

Immi loves using her imagination and it can sometimes be distracting...did someone say cupcakes?

Immi Laval

Mrs. Civic is over 100 years old but still knows how to accessorize like a woman in her 70s.

Arura Civic

With her signature wave, to alert unknown aliens she means no harm, Nox spends her days drawing, blogging, crafting and baking.

Noxon Neven